"I Love my candle!

Atasha A.

I burned this today. The scent is amazing!!! Hubby liked the smell of both. I'll try Daddy's Home tomorrow.

Margo S.

"This Grapefruit and Mint candle is everything"

Mikaya W.

Why Milli's Cute Candles?

Reasons to become apart of the candle family

Why you should be excited about Milli's Cute Candles LLC! We are a family owned small candle business, we hand pour all of our candles in small batches in our kitchen, each scent was chosen to be apart of our candle business because we felt like it had a story to tell and that our customers would be able to relate to it. When you think family what comes to mind? Complete happiness and excessive love? Well yes that is true, but not all the time! It's okay to disagree and have different opinions that's what helps to make us unique. Remember there will only ever be just one you (even if you are a twin). In 2019 Amelia (4th grade at the time) wanted to give back to the community in some way. After researching we decided that we would make candles and sell them to raise money for the animal shelter. That summer we raised $300 and we have been giving back to our community ever since. Just because you don't have millions of dollars does not mean that you can't make an impact. One small act can make a huge difference.

Processing and Shipping

Processing times may take up to 3-5 business days because all candles are made to order in the order that they are received. Due to Covid Shipping times may be delayed and if this happens you need to refer to your tracking number or contact your local post office about any issues that may arise. Shipping days are Monday-Friday (excluding holidays) and we do not ship on the weekends (Saturday and Sunday).


We do not accept products back due to Covid. We do not issue refunds all sales are final. If you receive your product broken you must take pictures and show the logo/label and the wicks within 48 hours and the candle must have not been burned. We will ship out new products only if we were at fault for any issue.